FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your storefront?

We are located in Downtown Corvallis – visit us at 116 NW 3rd Street!

Do you have gluten-free options? How about vegan?

Yes! We serve a selection of gluten-free and vegan donuts everyday in our shop. Our gluten-free, vegan donuts are available in three of our most popular flavors: chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, and maple with sea salt, daily. We also feature a Benny’s Donuts specialty flavor every two weeks. Please call or visit the storefront to hear about the current “Flavor of the Week.”

Our traditional cake donuts, however, are neither gluten-free nor vegan. The recipe for these donuts contains: wheat, dairy, eggs, and soy, and may come into contact with peanuts and/or tree nuts, depending on which flavor(s) you order.

How can I get Benny's Donuts in the morning?

Benny’s Donuts storefront at 116 NW 3rd Street opens at 7AM, Tuesday through Sunday! Come visit us for your morning sugar rush.

If you need a large order for a meeting or special event, please send us an email to work that out or come into the store to talk to a manager.

Can I get Benny's Donuts for an event?

Probably! We’ve catered a few events in the past and we love to work with community whenever we can. Please shoot us a quick email to talk out the details.

What are your prices?

Depends on what you want to order! We sell individual donuts that range in price from $1.49 (Classic Flavors) to $1.99 (Benny’s Flavors, Monthly Flavors, and all Gluten-Free, Vegan Donuts). We also have set prices for a half dozen donuts ($10.99) and a full dozen donuts ($18.99).

Interested in ordering more than 5 dozen donuts? Contact us directly for pricing.

How can I connect with Benny's Donuts on social media?

Follow Benny’s Donuts on Facebook and Instagram! Tag our account and use the hashtag #bennysdonuts to stay connected.