Click on the images to see what each of them are made of!


Click on the images to see what each of them are made of!

Monthly Flavors

Benny’s Donuts crafts new, seasonal flavors every month. Please inquire about the current offerings in person or via telephone, or visit our social media pages to see what we’re serving up!


Gluten-Free, Vegan Donuts

Made with a homemade flour blend, cane sugar, and a combination of creamy almond and coconut milks, our gluten-free, vegan donuts are moist and delicious! We prepare our gluten-free, vegan donuts without wheat, dairy, or eggs on dedicated gluten-free, vegan workspaces.

We offer a selection of four flavors in-store daily. These flavors include our best-selling chocolate with sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, and maple with sea salt varieties. We also feature a Benny’s Flavor or Monthly Flavor on rotation every two weeks. Please inquire about the “Flavor of the Week” in person or via telephone.


Benny’s Dozen

A mixed dozen of some of our favorite flavors. This box features a splendid sampling of our specialty, local, and classic donuts. Pick this preset dozen and you’ll receive: 2 Maple with Sea Salt, 2 Lemon Lavender with Black Pepper, 1 Chocolate with Peanut Butter, 1 Chocolate with Coconut, 1 Chocolate with Sprinkles, 1 Chocolate, 2 Classic Vanilla, and 2 Cinnamon Sugar.  There’s a little something for everyone!


Please use this menu when planning pre-orders!