About Benny’s Donuts



We Focus Local

Benny’s Donuts strives to use products from nearby farms to feature local flavors in our seasonal donuts.




We Are Family

Family isn’t just a part of our recipe’s history; the Benny’s Donuts crew is a family too. We hope you come to consider us part of yours!




About Us


Benny’s Donuts was founded by Benny Augeri, Oregon State University ‘15, as the first donut delivery service by a student for the students. With the support of the OSU Advantage Accelerator program, Benny’s Donuts launched on January 12, 2016. And with instant success, too! Local media coverage and word of mouth shared glowing reviews about our hot-and-fresh donuts delivered to homes all over Corvallis. We’ve been delivering happiness for the heart ever since.

In the spring, the Benny’s Donuts Team worked diligently to reach new customers, create new flavors, and develop partnerships with Dutch Bros., OSU campus cafe Trader Bing’s, and even Benny the Beaver Mascot. Soon, Benny’s Donuts were available across town and became a buzz on social media.


Building the Storefront

Benny's Donuts Storefront Construction

The Benny’s Donuts team spent the summer renovating and constructing a brand new storefront and kitchen in Downtown Corvallis. Using locally-sourced lumber, lighting, and hardware, the team crafted a unique space by hand and heart. The project was completed in just six short weeks, resulting from a do-it-yourself mentality, resourcefulness, and plenty of community support.

On Saturday, September 24, 2016, Benny’s Donuts opened its doors to the public. We serve quality, fresh donuts dipped in a variety of homemade glazes and artisan coffee. Everyday we strive to meet new people and bring joy and sweetness to the community. We love to host events during the holidays, including our most recent Decorate-You-Own-Donut event, and feature flavors of the season using fresh, local ingredients.
Today, Benny’s Donuts continues to be the first in-house, delivery donut shop in the country, and is a must-stop-shop when visiting Corvallis! Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep up with the latest news about Benny’s Donuts!